Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Z Talent Show is Starting to get the Talent!

Z Talent Show is slowing stating to pick up speed as we are getting posts from models and now some musicians. We are getting ready to add an art section to the mix. Click on the link in the sidebar and have a look

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boegley Down Productions looking for new talent for blog show

Boegley Down Productions is looking for new talent for one of their new blogcasts. We are searching for musicians either bands or solos to compete against each other in a battle of the bands type of showdown on Z Talent Show. We are also looking for comedians to compete against each other. The thrid and final facit of this blogcast is the modeling site where you send us your best photos and compete against others. Voters determine the winners, and losers are removed - perhaps to try again. Go to the Z Talent Show site for more information click on the site address on the side of this page and it will take you to the site. Any submissions will be considered permission for us to post your video or pictures on our site and podcast.
Peace and we look forward to seeing your talent

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello and Welcome!

We would like to welcome you to our own little piece of the Internet. Boegley Down Productions was born out of our own meandering thoughts about entertainment and humor. We would watch something on youtube and see how many hits it was getting and then say, "We can do that." Now, we are going to try to prove it. Boegley Down Producions' first show is called "Up Your Alley", and it is a comical look at the strange characters inside your local bowling center. We are going to follow this show with several others in the coming years. The other shows include Romantic Antics for Men (and Women too), The Couples' Spot, and Z Talent Show.

Romantic Antics for Men (and Women too), is a show based on the fact that most relationship-help shows I have seen focus only on the woman or the whole couple. Hardly any of them focus on a mans' perspective. How do we as men become more romantic without losing our manhood? Giving tips and trick to get you looking like Don Juan is our goal. However, we don't want to exclude the ladies. We want to get their insight and feelings on what they would like from their neanderthal partners. Romantic Antics for Men (and Women too) will listen closely to the viewers and see what types of information they want.

The Couples' Spot, takes the Romantic Antics for Men (and Women too) program a step further. Focusing on the couples and how they can stay loving and happy while being a couple, yet remain individuals. Again, we will be working closely with the couples that venture onto our site. We will listen to their problems and offer our advice as well as maybe some different ways of looking at their issues and concerns. With the divorce rate so high in our country maybe we should put more effort into fixing the little glitches in our relationships before they become the large irreparable problems.

Z Talent Show takes your basic talent show to the web. Using three categories - Music, Modeling, and Comedy - Z Talent Show will post acts and have viewers vote on their favorites. The Musicians, Models and Comedians will send either an audio clip, video clip or pictures of themselves to Z Talent Show, where they will be posted for the world to see. Each entrant will battle it out against the other entrants in their field to hopefully remain on the show. Our staff at Boegley Down Productions will review each act and offer opinions, but viewer votes will be the deciding factor. This site will be great for the newly formed band that wants to get noticed in a hurry.

Don't worry more shows will be on the way but they are a secret right now. Shhhhhhhhhhh!